Asieny – a duo of vocalist Joanna Solarewicz and pianist Arseny Rykov. The duo evades strong categorization, crossing borders of jazz, soul, folk and rock music during each performance.


"I like the conception of Asieny" – says Joanna – "Cause my aim is to treat the voice like a second instrument. Both vocal and piano parts are equivalent and it gives us more opportunities to interact than usual. And interacting with Arseny is quite enjoyable, cause he is not only a susceptible pianist, but also a creative composer. His musical ideas are always very inspiring for me.”


"We met in Greg Osby's combo during the jazz workshop and I was impressed by Joanna's flexibility from the first day" – adds Arseny – "She is a vocalist with whom you don't have to think a lot about chords, she will create a melody in any harmonic environment (even hip one) that I bring. And I really like the mood that we share. It's like the light melancholy. But still pretty groovy one".

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Joanna Solarewicz is a Polish jazz vocalist-composer, based in Wrocław, Poland. She has studied jazz vocal and improvisation at The Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice, Poland and music theory at The Karol Lipinski Academy of Music in Wrocław, Poland.

After graduating from the Katowice Academy of Music Joanna started searching for her own musical identity as well as trying to develop her unique style of singing. Having been connected with the Wrocław jazz environment, Joanna has been involved in various musical collaborations. On the one hand, she enjoyed performing jazz standards, on the other hand, she developed her vocal abilities by singing pop, soul and neo-soul music. Among her interests are also experimental and contemporary classical music, which, in parallel with the scat technique, have strongly influenced her way of thinking about using the voice as a musical instrument. Joanna still develops her vocal skills, taking part in different masterclasses and workshops. (Feel free to read about the last one in the blog section).


Arseny Rykov is a Russian jazz pianist, arranger and composer. He has studied jazz and classical piano at The Gnesin’s Academy of Music in Moscow and also participated in jazz programs in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and Berklee College of Music.


Arseny has always been open for new experiences, so he has been playing a wide range of music: from neo-soul and latin to contemporary jazz and classical music. But at the same time he has been creating his unique style, which makes him “different” from others. Arseny’s attitude is more global than only playing, he strongly believes that musicians and all artists have to enlighten people, to make them think and give them a common ground.